Vincenzo Romanelli, B. 1985

Florentine born Sculptor, Vincenzo Romanelli represents the sixth generation of Romanelli family sculptors down the male line, along with his brother Raffaello. By carving a career as a sculptor, Vincenzo is continuing a family tradition that spans nearly two centuries.

In 2006, Vincenzo Romanelli enrolled in several classes at Charles H. Cecil, a well-known fine art school based above his family’s sculpture gallery. Here, he undertook formal traditional training, mastering the sight size technique. Whilst progressing with his own sculpture, he was also helping in the family gallery. After five years, he sought an outside experience in the art world, and with an English grandmother, England was the natural choice. Vincenzo worked for two years for a British Fine Art foundry, where he acquired a deeper knowledge of the processes of casting in the lost wax method.

Vincenzo is well versed in all phases of his chosen artistic path, and is personally involved at every stage of every single piece he creates, from clay modelling, to creating the negative mould, to working the wax and creating the patina. Vincenzo’s sculptures are carved in marble or cast in bronze as limited editions, signed, dated and numbered.

 Starting initially with human portraiture, Vincenzo was drawn more to animals, finding them more captivating with their varying forms and features.  The choice to specialise exclusively in animals is also undoubtedly a consequence of an upbringing in the Tuscan countryside, surrounded by the resident wildlife. Vincenzo’s love and respect for nature and wild environments underpin his work; he has a natural empathy with animals and a perceptive eye for capturing expression and detail.

Vincenzo splits his time between Tuscany, Gloucestershire and Switzerland.  When in Tuscany, he sculpts in the family's historical atelier at Number 70 Borgo San Frediano, Florence. Where possible Vincenzo works from life, so he spends a great deal of time sculpting in the outdoors and travels for commissions.